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Your first step is to attend a 30 minute Western Abroad 101 session, offered frequently. You can search all of the approved WWU international opportunities on this website by clicking on "PROGRAMS" in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

International Internships

Students can participate in an international internship that may range from a few weeks to six months of full-time work.  The internship integrates academic credit at Western Washington University with on-the-job experience, allowing students to gain valuable skills while working towards a degree.  Students should start planning at least two quarters in advance for an international internship.  You must work closely with a faculty advisor when doing an international internship.  

Please view the International Internship Guidelines or for Health and Human Development (HHD) majors, the International Internships Guidelines - HHD for more information about requirements and procedures.  

To search for internships visit our Programs page and the IE3 Global Internship website.  If you plan to participate in an IE3 Global Internship, please complete this WWU application.  If you select an internship that is not available through our Programs page, you may apply through the generic International Internship application.  

Students participating in the EducatorsAbroad Worldwide Student Teaching program will complete this application and follow the Educators Abroad Procedures

Dong Dinh - Estonia Internship

Photo Title: Breaking barriers in the class  Photographer: Dong Dinh 
Description: During my 5th week as an international intern for Education USA, I had the chance to visit schools and do presentation on U.S. culture and education. Tallinn school no. 21 was my first stop and all I can say is that I was blown away by their enthusiasm, competency, and engagement. I presented on history, culture, diversity, and higher education, hoping to spark the interest of higher education and international exchange to the U.S. in their future. The thrill of teaching, engaging, and shaking hands with the generation who will change the world is an experience that I hope to continue with my time in Estonia.
IE3 Global Internship, Fall 2016

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