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Teaching Abroad

Global Learning Programs

In the last several years, the number of Global Learning Programs has increased, bringing students, faculty and staff to a range of continents, cultures, and host countries.

Global Learning Programs are easily accessible to WWU students and can be readily integrated into their programs of study.  They eliminate questions about credit transfer since it is a WWU course offered by a WWU faculty member or team of faculty members.  The programs can be offered for the summer or for shorter periods or a quarter during the academic year.  These types of programs help internationalize Western in two ways: (1) enhancing the global competencies of the students who participate and (2) giving faculty members opportunities to expand their international experiences.

The success of a Global Learning Program depends on several factors:
  • Course content that is relevant and interesting to a broad number of students;
  • Courses that fulfill specific WWU degree requirements, such as major or minor requirements;
  • Situating the course in a location that reinforces the curricular content and make the site a learning laboratory;
  • A faculty director who can successfully promote the program and recruit students.
Proposals for teaching a Global Learning Program summer 2015 are due October 10, 2014.  For further information about teaching a Global Learning Faculty-led Program, please contact Liz Partolan-Fray, Director, International Programs & Exchanges, 360-650-7970 to discuss your course proposal.

Additional information:

Visiting Faculty Positions Abroad

AHA International, an affiliate study abroad program of Western Washington University, invites faculty to apply to teach abroad at AHA sites.  Faculty teach two courses during a term and work in collaboration with AHA's onsite administrative staff and local faculty.  There is no call for visiting faculty proposals open at this time, however there will be a call during Fall 2014.   

Faculty can also design their own program at any AHA site.  AHA accepts customized program proposals on an ongoing basis and at several AHA sites including Ghana, France, Greece, UK, Spain, Argentina and Italy.  AHA is able to design programs of any length throughout the year, including during: quarters or semesters; summer; January terms; and spring or winter breaks.  AHA is open to learning about your ideas.  Please note: it is best to plan at least 18 months in advance to ensure adequate time for program design and recruitment.

If you have questions about teach abroad opportunities at AHA sites, please contact Liz Partolan-Fray, Director, International Programs & Exchange. 

Faculty Exchange Opportunities through Direct Exchange partners

Western Washington University has formal and affiliate agreements with more than 30 universities and institutes around the world. While the focus of our exchange efforts is often on providing our students with international educational opportunities, nearly all have the capacity to involve greater numbers of faculty members, as well.

International exchanges are partnerships that Western has with institutions around the world. They are reciprocal in nature and students participate in quarter or semester exchanges. Western has exchanges with universities in Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and the UK. See the complete list of international partnerships on the CIS website.  Faculty exchanges, which often include both teaching and research, strengthen our relationships with our partner institutions and move us a great deal closer to providing WWU graduates with the global competence that the world now demands. 

For further information, please contact Liz Partolan-Fray, Director, International Programs & Exchanges, 360-650-7970.