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Announcements : ISEP Placements still available!

Announcement: ISEP Placements still available!

Now that we are past the September 1 priority deadline for ISEP, most of our competitive Exchange programs (Australia, UK, etc.) have filled up. However, there are still many placements to be had! Every year ISEP end up placing 30-40% of their students after the priority deadline. As we progress through September, and even October, there are two main ways to find out which programs are still available:
  • The ISEP Program Finder: When a program fills up, ISEP will remove it from the Program Finder on the ISEP website. So if you set the filter to Spring 2018, you will be able to see exactly what options are still available.
  • Ask Kevin Yochim: Kevin works at ISEP Central and has a master list of which programs still have Exchange space. He can also tell you if a program is close to being full, meaning ISEP would need an application right away, or if the program has plenty of space remaining. Here is his email address: 
Exchange placements past the priority deadline are made on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is best not to delay. Remember that you will need to complete an EdAbroad application in addition to your ISEP application. Because the priority deadline has passed, you will need to ask Dan Lindeman ( to create the EdAbroad application for you. You are welcome to meet with Dan to discuss your study abroad options. The best way to make an appointment with Dan is to call the EdAbroad office at 360-650-3298 and speak with a Peer Advisor.