About the Splash Photo

Photo Title: That Rocks!
By: Kaitlyn Nagamatsu
Study Abroad Program: USAC Reading England
Country in which photo was taken: England (United Kingdom)

Description of photo: This photo that I took is of Stonehenge, an iconic landmark of heavy stones that were compiled together by humans thousands of years ago. My friends and I, who are all part of the same study abroad program, decided to spend the day in Salisbury, England and visit Stonehenge. When seeing Stonehenge in person as part of my abroad experience, it was amazing to visually see the stones and think about the history that took place right where I was standing. Lots of people visit the site every year and to capture Stonehenge on a typical cloudy British day with practically no visitors in the background is a perfect moment in time for me. I’ve seen so many photos of the famous Stonehenge online and to be standing only a few feet in front of it was incredibly surreal and something I will never forget!