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February 22-24, 2022

The Education Abroad office is partnering with our study abroad providers, support offices, and departmental academic advisors to offer sessions highlighting resources, opportunities, and programs for students and faculty. This conference will feature some of the opportunities WWU students and faculty have to participate in education abroad, and resources available to help facilitate their international experience. 

There will be a mix of live and recorded events, review the full schedule below. Be sure to register in advance for live sessions that require registration and be prepared to show your WWU COVID Pass for entry. All times listed in Pacific Time (PST).

Check back often as more events are scheduled. Many events will be recorded and available through this website after the conference.

Prepare with a Western Abroad 101 Information Session

Start with a virtual or in-person Western Abroad 101 Information Session to learn everything you need to know about education abroad through WWU!

Western ABROAD 101 How to Study Abroad text over a photo of six people in the distance walking up a sand dune

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Live Sessions: Join us for Live/In-Person Interactive Sessions!

Tuesday, 2/22

Western Abroad 101 Information Session

12 pm | Miller Hall 112

Western ABROAD 101 How to Study Abroad text over a photo of six people in the distance walking up a sand dune

Join EdAbroad advisor Hannah Nevitt for a in-person information session about all education abroad opportunities, scholarships, and travel in a COVID world! This session is appropriate for students, faculty, and staff and will cover all types of education abroad, how to find and fund an education abroad experience.

International Exchanges Info Session

1 pm | Miller Hall 112

"WESTERN EXCHANGE" and images of two stick figure people with arrows pointing between the people

Join EdAbroad Exchange Advisor Dan Lindeman for a 45 minute comprehensive overview of international exchange options.

Don't know what an exchange is? Be sure to attend a Western Abroad 101 and review our website.

Student wearing a green WESTERN shirt looking at the Poás Volcano in Costa Rica

GoinGlobal Training for International Jobs and Internships

1 pm | Register for GoinGlobal

GoinGlobal Jobs here, there, everywhere

Interested in finding a job or internship across town or around the world?

  • Learn how to connect your career objectives with hiring opportunities by identifying key employers and industry contacts for informational interviews and professional networking. 
  • Get a realistic understanding of work permit and visa requirements, financial considerations and other prime factors critical to career success in a new location.  
  • Identify American employers seeking to hire international professionals for their U.S. operations through H-1B visa petitions - and learn how to connect this information to current job opportunities.  

'Ask Me Anything' Study Abroad Alumni Panel

4 pm | Join Alumni Panel via Zoom

Connect with recent WWU participants of study abroad to hear what it was really like to travel, study, and intern abroad during the pandemic. Join this virtual event to get your questions answered from recent study abroad alumni!

black and white photo of the back of a student raising their hand. Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf, Unsplash

Wednesday, 2/23

Happier Together - with Jon Yates

11 am | Register for Happier Together

HAPPIER TOGETHER with JonYates, Action for Happiness

At this event, author Jon Yates will share important findings about how we have become so divided, but also why it’s vital we find ways to connect with people who are different to ourselves. Jon will explain how division makes us all worse off and how spending more time with people who are not like us can help our society become more tolerant and understanding. Jon will explain how the post-pandemic world is an opportunity to start a new set of conversations. We have the opportunity to decide what sort of society we want to live in and how we can build that together, in a way that works for everyone. We can be stronger - and happier - together.

Western Abroad 101 Info Session

12 pm | Miller Hall 114

Western ABROAD 101 How to Study Abroad text over a photo of six people in the distance walking up a sand dune

Join EdAbroad advisor Dan Lindeman for a in-person information session about all education abroad opportunities, scholarships, and travel in a COVID world! This session is appropriate for students, faculty, and staff and will cover all types of education abroad, how to find and fund an education abroad experience.

Virtual Western Abroad 101 Info Session

2 pm | Join Western Abroad 101

Join EdAbroad Advisor Krista Mantello for a comprehensive overview of Education Abroad options, scholarships, and resources!

Western ABROAD 101 How to Study Abroad text over a photo of six people in the distance walking up a sand dune

Passport Party

3 pm | Register for Passport Party

Flyer for CEA & WWU Passport Party

Having a valid passport is one of the first steps in planning your international experience. Join EdAbroad advisors and CEA Study Abroad for a fun virtual event where you will receive information and assistance on applying or renewing a U.S. passport.

All participants who register will receive an application fee waiver for a future CEA program and one lucky winner will receive the full cost of a new passport! 

Two hands holding passports

Thursday, 2/24

Get to Know AIFS Abroad Global Education Centers

10 am | Register for AIFS Global Education Centers

AIFS Global Education Centers

Get to know the WWU approved study and internship program AIFS Global Education Centers (GEC) in Florence, London, Rome, and Salzburg. Explore the GEC model and get a sneak peek at some of the curriculum and programming! 

National Student Exchange Info Session

11 am | Miller Hall 154

Logo for National Student Exchange. Image of the United States in green with "nse" overlaid in black letters

Did you know that you can study abroad domestically?! In this 45 minute session, learn about your options to study at another institution in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, & U.S. Virgin Islands through the National Student Exchange

Putin on the Blitz? A Wary Look at Today's Russia

1:30 - 3 pm | Join Putin on the Blitz ZoomMeeting ID: 875 1695 4978. Passcode: 284005

Cathedrals inside the Kremlin walls, Russia

David Fenner, affiliate faculty member at the University of Washington’s Jackson School of International Studies will explore the current state of the Russian Federation from several angles: historical, economic, political, social and geopolitical.  What factors – and what deft maneuverings - explain President Vladimir Putin’s extraordinary longevity in office?  How did the failure of their “Afghanistan campaign” in the 1980s set the stage for the collapse of the Soviet Union, the spread of militant nationalism and the rise of (yet another) authoritarian Russian ruler?  How much of a threat is Putin to Russia’s “near-abroad”?  And finally, how might the West respond.

Webinar: I want to go abroad...in the summer!

3:30 pm | Register for API Summer

Two people look at a book and laptop. "WEBINAR"

Interested in spending a summer abroad or a short-term program with API? Join us for an information session where we’ll cover the ins and outs of our summer and short-term programs.

One lucky attendee will also be selected to win an application deposit waiver!

Wildlands Studies Information Session

4 pm | Register for Wildlands Studies

Wildlands Studies: Experience the planet. Learn how to help save it.

Experience the planet and learn how to help save it.

Explore domestic and international study abroad programs with Wildlands Studies where you can have a life changing experience and earn up to 15 College of the Environment credits!

Also check out the NEW Wildlands Studies Digital Brochure!

Friday, 2/25

Advice from Alumni: Black Students Abroad

8 am | Register for Black Students Abroad

Image of three faceless people with different clothing and styles and the text, "See your own identity abroad! Real Talk with ISA"

WWU partner, ISA invited recent study abroad alumni to join a panel discussion and share their personal experiences abroad as black students. We'll chat with them about challenges they faced before and while abroad, how they navigated their identity abroad, resources that helped them along the way, and how their experience has impacted their educational and professional journeys. 

Identity & Diversity Abroad Resources

The WWU Education Abroad office encourages all students to consider studying abroad and is committed to inclusion and equity in our various program options. Studying abroad can present students with rewarding lifelong experiences that can challenge perceptions on identity. We tend to define ourselves based using different features of our personalities, backgrounds and physical appearances, often identifying with several groups to distinguish who we are.

As you explore your study abroad options, you will want to consider aspects of your identity and how these may be perceived and treated in the cultures you are spending time in. How you identify yourself in the U.S. may not be how you are identified abroad. As a student on a study abroad experience, you may first be identified as a U.S. American by people in your host country which may be different than how you identify yourself in the U.S.

We encourage students to think about the parts that make up their identity (e.g. sister, student, Asian American, Jewish, queer, etc.). Parts of your identity may be more easily observed by others (such as gender, skin color, age, etc.) while other parts of your identity are less observable, such as sister. How will you talk (or not talk) about those parts of your identity with people in the host country? To decide what is important to disclose to your host community, you may want to think about what parts of your identity might create barriers for your experience in the host culture. The host community socio-cultural context may present some challenges or rewards, but being knowledgeable beforehand equips you with the ability to better adjust in your new environment. 

Recorded Sessions: Review at Your Own Pace

Black Student’s Guide to Global Programs

Black Student's Guide to Global Programs

This guide is written for Black students based on real experiences of living, working, and studying abroad while Black. These are the things that you may not otherwise be told but that you will be glad to know. In addition, check out Experiencing Japan as a Black WomanNavigating Spain as a Black Person, and Managing Black Hair Abroad blogs.

SFS: A Different Kind of Study Abroad Program

Learn Japanese in the Heart of Tokyo with KCP International

Studying Abroad in Nepal with Institute for Village Studies

USAC 101 - Study Abroad With USAC

Bring the classroom to life with Wildlands Studies

SFS: Find Your Study Abroad Experience!

USAC Virtual Internship - Alumni Q&A: The Benefits of a Virtual Internship

Virtual Global Internships: Access to Resume Builders!

An internship provides valuable work experience, exploration of a career path, development of skills, networking opportunities, fulfilling of degree requirements, and more! The Intern Group, ISA Global Remote Internships and Career SemesterSIT Study Abroad and AIFS Global Experiences highlight both in-person and virtual international internships in this recording.

5 Easy Ways to Be Eco-Friendly While Studying Abroad

SAI Viva Experience Ceramics Workshop

Tips For Packing Your LGBTQ+ Suitcase For Study Abroad

Semester at Sea Info Session

Amanda Gorman Shares Her Study Abroad Story

"It was so life-changing and phenomenal; I don’t think that I would be who I am today without that experience.”

- Amanda Gorman

Artist, activist, study abroad alum, and more. These are just a few of the many descriptors for the first-ever U.S. National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, who spoke at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. In this video Amanda shines light on her study abroad experience.

Alumni Perspectives on the SIT Study Abroad Experience

View the Recorded Webinar (Password: Conversations2021)

SIT Study Abroad

Discover what life is like on SIT Study Abroad programs from those who know best—our alumni. SIT alumni who studied in Switzerland, Tanzania, and Mongolia, and with the comparative IHP: Food Systems program, share their experiences with culture shock, coursework, budgeting, homestays, and more. They also share how their unique backgrounds and identities shaped their experiences abroad.

WWU Visiting Scholar Korean Cooking Class

Watch Dohun Kwon, visiting scholar from South Korea as he teaches how to make this delicious Korean recipe!

Cooking Gnocchi from Italy

Cooking Class: “Upside Down” with SIT Jordan

View the Recorded Webinar (Password: Conversations2021)

Jordan Maglobeh "upside down"

Immerse yourself in Jordanian culture by cooking the traditional, family dish Maglobeh (literally, “upside down”) with the help of SIT Jordan Academic Director Raed Al-Tabini, PhD and a local SIT homestay mother.

What's it Like to Live in a Homestay When You Study Abroad?

SAI Study Abroad in Florence

Graduate School Abroad 101

Translating your Study Abroad into Careers with the U.S. Department of State

View Dept. of State Recording

Seal of the U.S. Department of State

Are you interested in pursuing a career abroad and in support of U.S. Diplomacy? The U.S. Department of State represents U.S. interests around the world. The Department’s employees, with their skills, character, and commitment to public service, are the backbone of America’s diplomacy. Diplomat in Residence discusses variety of career and student opportunities and how you can serve your country by working in any one of more than 270 U.S. embassies, consulates, and missions overseas, or in Washington, D.C. The U.S. Department of State offers excellent careers, professional growth opportunities, and benefits, and seeks to recruit a diverse workforce to represent the United States.

Teach Abroad Opportunities and Benefits

View Teach Abroad Recording

CIEE Teach Abroad

Stephen Bush, CIEE’s Director of Teach Abroad and TEFL Programs discusses how you can gain international work experience and build transferrable skills by teaching English abroad.

SAI Study Abroad: Informational Video

API Internship Information Session

Virtual/Remote Internships with The Intern Group

API Information Session

Remote Internships with The Intern Group

How Can Study Abroad & Intern Abroad Programs Help Your Career?

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Abroad


Academic Advising Center: Meet with an Academic Advisor regularly to ensure good progress towards academic goals and to stay current on Western academic policies and opportunities. 

Modern & Classical Languages (MCL)Students in MCL can increase their language proficiency and gain intercultural competence through travel, work, and study abroad. Students should consult with the coordinator of the appropriate language section to discuss transfer credit well in advance. Explore education abroad opportunities for language and linguistic studies on our MAP’s: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Linguistics, Spanish.

Departmental Academic Advising Form for Study Abroad: Use this form to facilitate a conversation about credit transfer with your Major, Minor, and/or WWU Honors College department advisor.

EdAbroad Student Learning Outcomes

Major Advising Pages (MAP's)

Global Learning Programs

Western’s faculty-led study abroad programs are called Global Learning Programs. Most programs average two to three weeks, but some are as short as one week and as long as a quarter. What makes these programs special is that you get to study your academic discipline in an applied way with your professor and a cohort of ten to 15 peers.

Group of students on a trek in Nepal

Scholarships for Education Abroad

Do you know the #1 reason students are not awarded scholarships? It is because they don't apply! There are a wide variety of scholarships available to fund education abroad. Check out some of these amazing funding resources and apply by the deadlines!

Scholarships & Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Hannah Nevitt, Education Abroad and Molly Paterson, Financial Aid present on Scholarships & Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Fellowships Abroad

Review the WWU Fellowships presentation and if you are interested in more information, complete this interest form.

Study Abroad Without Breaking the Bank

My Time in Prague by Kyra Bruce

"I studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic thanks to the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship. The Gilman Scholarship is a federal grant program that helps lower-income students study abroad.

WWU Student Shadia Amir Studied in Thailand funded by Scholarships

How to Find and Win Competitive Fellowships with Dr. Vicki Johnson

Making Study Abroad Affordable with USAC

How to Fund Your Study Abroad Experience

SIT Study Abroad & Critical Language Scholarships

View CLS & SIT Recording

EdAbroad Advisor Krista Mantello and SIT Study Abroad (School for International Training) University Relations Manager Shun Yanagishita discuss opportunities to study critical need languages abroad!

Critical Language Scholarship
Image of a world map and money on pinned to it.

Connect with Student Alumni: Travel Writing Program

Former study abroad and exchange participants share their experiences and tips through the Travel Writing Program. The program prompts students to reflect on their experience pre-departure through return. We have highlighted a few blogs below and you can check out all of the entries on our website.

Portugal: Mid-Program by Jeremy Caldeira

Jeremy Caldeira in Portugal

"Now that I have a routine here, I will describe my daily routine on a typical day. I will also reflect back on the goals I set for myself, and how those have been going lately. What has surprised me along the way? What have I learned so far? Find out by reading onward."

Connect with International Students: Buddy Program

The International Buddy Program is coordinated by International Student & Scholar Services and pairs international & exchange students with domestic (U.S.) students at WWU, based on common interests. US students can help international students get to know Western and Bellingham. Buddies can share their cultures, languages, and participate in activities together. 

To serve as a buddy, complete the form provided in the ISSS WIN page!

International Buddies (group of 13 students) at Ebey's Landing standing in the sunshine off the side of a trail smiling at the camera
International Buddies (group of 8 students) at a picnic at Lakewood, sitting on the ground on a blue and white blanket, smiling at the camera.

Connect with Global Ambassadors Club

Want to stay internationally engaged at WWU? Join the WWU Global Ambassadors Club!

Attend monthly “socials,” coffee series, and professional networking events. Check out all events on WIN. Global Ambassadors provides a safe space for students who have been abroad, or international students studying here at WWU, to share their experiences with other students whom have also been abroad, as well as aim to connect with other internationally focused groups to promote an understanding and appreciation of global perspectives.

If you are interested in being a part of this club please contact globalambassadorswwu@gmail.com and check out the Facebook page WWU Global Ambassadors.

Image of a globe above the text, "Global Ambassadors Club | WWU"

Connect with Advisors: Schedule a 1-1 Meeting

The Education Abroad staff and approved program providers are here to support you on your education abroad journey. Below you will find contact information and the ability to schedule a virtual meeting at your convenience. 

WWU EdAbroad Advisors

EdAbroad advisors are available to meet with you virtually to get your questions answered! 

Hannah Nevitt: General, Study Abroad, Virtual, Scholarships, Global Ambassadors Advisor

Dan Lindeman: Western and ISEP International Exchange, National Student Exchange (NSE), KCP International

Krista Mantello: Study Abroad, Global Learning Faculty-led programs, Internships, Independent Study, Virtual, Scholarships

Anna Sutherland: Peer Advisor

Rachel Lewis: Peer Advisor, USAC Ambassador

Scrabble tiles spelling, "Contact Us" by Miles Burke
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