Mallory Ekman

Peer Advisor
GLP Ambassador


At Western I am majoring in Environmental Studies with an Emphasis in Policy and minoring in International Studies. I love learning about different cultures, environments, stories, and making connections with people I meet! I recently traveled with the Faculty-Led Global Learning Program to Thailand and Vietnam in the Spring of 2022. As well as Outreach and Continuing Education's Faculty-Led trip to Oahu, HI in the Winter of 2019. These experiences pushed me outside of my comfort zone, taught me life-long skills, and furthered my understanding of local environmental issues. I am grateful to have traveled to Ecuador, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, and Canada too and hope to expand my travels in the future! I believe that every student should have the opportunity to study abroad during their educational career and gain a wider global perspective. So, stop by the Ed Abroad office to plan your trip or ask any questions you may have!