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Education Abroad

Explore the World of Learning Opportunities through WWU!

Studying abroad is one of the most challenging and exciting experiences that every Western Washington University student can benefit from. Students are able to acquire skills and knowledge that can impact lifelong career prospects as well as develop a better understanding of the world and one's own culture. WWU values diversity and encourages students to understand and participate in different cultures and diverse societies.

Check out our Engagement & Global Learning site to view our photo and video contest submissions, travel blogs, the Travel Writing Program and Global Learning faculty-led programs!

5 Easy Steps to Study Abroad:

  1. Attend a 30 minute Western Abroad 101 session, offered frequently.  Explore your options through this website browse through our resource library, and ask the Peer Advisors in the Education Abroad (EdAbroad) office in Miller Hall 208 for more information.  We welcome all undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying abroad.

  2. Narrow your options by reviewing the Types of Programs available through EdAbroad.  Define your goals for studying abroad and identify programs of interest to you.  Your study abroad/exchange program courses may apply towards your major, minor or as electives towards graduation at WWU.  However, you do not have to be a declared major or minor prior to your study abroad or exchange program.  Also, there is a Things to Consider document to assist you in identifying your goals during your study abroad and provides questions to help identify what is important to you such as; Do you want to learn another language?  Do you currently speak another language?  Do you want a home stay, to live with other students or to live independently?  Do you want to be immersed in a culture and/or a language?  Consider the climate and other specifics of your host destination.  Search for programs on our website:, under PROGRAMS use the Advanced Search tab to narrow your options.  Check out the information under Education Abroad including our Major Advising Pages (MAP’s), Language & Department Guidelines, Student Identity and Travel Resources.

  3. Find out about costs.  Programs and exchanges vary in price.  If you have financial aid, your grants, scholarships and loans may be applied to approved study abroad programs through EdAbroad.  The only financial aid that does not apply are Tuition Waivers, Work Study, Western Grants and the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE).  Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) funds may be applied to Exchanges and some applicable programs.  Scholarships are available through WWU & EdAbroad, affiliate programs and various other organizations.  Check out our Cost Effective programs as well which can be found on our MAP’s Pages which highlight a variety of programs by region all priced around $10,000 or less.  

  4. Inform yourself by learning about the country/region where you wish to study.  Look through our resources and returning student evaluations on for more information, talk to other students who have gone on study abroad/exchange and check out the web for more information.  Take a look at our Engagement & Global Learning site which features WWU student blogs.

  5. Once you have decided on a program, it is best to start the application process early! Deadlines vary depending on the program, start planning a year in advance in order to explore all of your options and to meet the deadlines.  Two applications are required; one for WWU EdAbroad and one for the program/host institution.  The WWU EdAbroad application includes an application fee, requires health insurance coverage and a health clearance exam with a doctor.  Meet with an Education Abroad Peer Advisor if you have questions about the application or the study abroad/exchange process.     

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