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Mission Statement & Student Learning Outcomes

Education Abroad serves the Western Washington University community to support meaningful educational opportunities abroad for all students, faculty and staff.  Education Abroad assists faculty, staff and students in developing programs and services that optimize a student’s learning experience abroad.  To this end, the following list of learning outcomes for studying abroad help guide students in demonstrating their knowledge, skills and abilities they gain upon completion of such a learning experience. 

Student Learning Outcomes for Study Abroad

1. Academic Discipline-Specific Learning
  • Advance knowledge gains of Academic disciplines in an international context
  • Complement and supplement the academic curriculum at Western Washington University 
2. Language Acquisition
  • Develop skills in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the target language 
3. Cross-Cultural Competency
  • Increase critical thinking skills, self-awareness, cross-cultural communication skills and tolerance for ambiguity
  • Enhance global understanding and appreciation of multiple perspectives 
4. Field-Based Experiential Learning
  • Gain hands-on practical and work experience through research, community immersion, service learning, and internships 
5. Active Reflection
  • Integrate material via active reflection using course materials, lectures, and experiences 
6. Post-Program Reflection
  • Demonstrate or articulate intercultural learning growth and identity development through post-program reflection such as blogging, website posts, journaling, digital storytelling, and presentations
  • Develop a sense of personal agency for creating positive change within a multicultural and global context

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