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Types of Programs

Your first step is to attend a 30 minute Western Abroad 101, offered frequently.  You can search all of the approved WWU international opportunities on this website by clicking on "PROGRAMS" in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

WWU offers the following international opportunities:
Western Washington University Global Learning programs are sponsored by a WWU department and generally consist of a faculty member taking a group of students to study discipline-based courses abroad.  Many Global Learning programs are offered during summer term, and a few in the academic year.  Check out this video about one of the Global Learning programs to Paraguay in 2013.  These programs can be found under Featured Programs on this site.
  • Exchanges

    Designed with the independent, self-motivated student in mind, exchanges offer a total immersion experience in a designated overseas university.  Students generally attend regular undergraduate courses with local students, although some universities offer programs specifically for international students.  Students are expected to meet all requirements listed by the host institution; including advanced ability in the language of instruction, GPA, specific course requirements, and class standing.  Exchanges are often more affordable than study abroad programs to the same destination, but offer fewer services.  Please note that exchanges are not available during summer quarter.  There are two types of exchange opportunities; Western (Direct) Exchange and the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).
    Western (Direct) Exchanges are where Western has a bilateral partnership agreement with a specific host institution.  Students pay in-state tuition to Western and all other costs onsite.  You may review a listing of Western Direct Exchanges and for further information and to apply, please visit the program page from the Featured Programs on this site. 
    ISEP is a membership-based organization that facilitates exchanges between member universities.  ISEP students pay in-state tuition, housing, and meals through their WWU student account.  Visit the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) website to find information about ISEP opportunities.  

  • Study Abroad

    There are a variety of programs which provide educational experiences for students with no foreign language skills to live and study in another country.  Often these programs focus on the cultural study of that particular country and provide opportunities to learn the language.  Some programs offer intensive language studies and may require previous language study.  Housing arrangements range from homestays to living in apartments or dormitories with other international or host country students.  To search for programs visit our Programs page.
  • International Internships

    Students can participate in an international internship that may range from a few weeks to six months of full-time work.  The internship integrates academic credit at Western Washington University with on-the-job experience, allowing students to gain valuable skills while working towards a degree.  Students should start planning at least two quarters in advance for an international internship.  You must work closely with a faculty advisor when doing an international internship.  Please view the International Internship Guidelines for more information about requirements and procedures.  To search for internships visit our Programs page and The Intern Group website.  If you select an internship that is not available through our Programs page, you may apply through the generic International Internship application.
  • Independent Study Abroad

    Independent Study allows students to pursue an educational experience not available through regular Western Washington University catalog course offerings.  Students can participate in an international independent study through a WWU department and the Education Abroad office.  Students should start planning at least 2 quarters in advance for an independent study abroad.  Please view the WWU Independent Study Abroad Guidelines for more information about requirements and procedures.  For more information and to apply for Independent Study Abroad, click here.
  • Non-credit International Experience

    Students participating in an international experience, not for credit, must register their travel with the Education Abroad office.  For more information and to register the travel, click here.

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