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Program Providers

On-campus Promotion

All promotion to WWU students and faculty must be approved by the Education Abroad office (EdAbroad).  This includes faculty/department visits, classroom visits, tabling, posting flyers, handing out flyers, information sessions, etc.

Affiliate Returned Student Ambassadors

Returned study abroad students are often asked by affiliates to promote their programs at WWU as ambassadors, etc.  If affiliates are interested in working with returned students on campus, they must work directly with EdAbroad. 

2018-19 Program Ambassadors:
API: Kayla Callanan
CEA: Emma Kivlin, EdAbroad Peer Advisor
CIEE: Hailey Staples, EdAbroad Peer Advisor
CISabroad: Grace Sears
Freeman Asia: Emmalene Madsen 
Gilman Scholarship: Kyra Taubel-Bruce
GLP: Hailey Staples and Emma Kivlin, EdAbroad Peer Advisors
IES: Joey Esquerra
ISA: Nicole Crook and Saniah Naim
ISEP: Sarah Christ, EdAbroad Peer Advisor
USAC: Danielle Finger, EdAbroad Peer Advisor

Non-affiliated Program Providers

Programs with no Existing Relationship with WWU Education Abroad

In order for a WWU student to receive credit for a non-affiliated study abroad program, the student must receive an official transcript from an accredited institution upon completion of the program.   

Recruitment Protocol

Study abroad program providers with no official relationship to WWU may not promote their programs on campus without affiliation or prior approval from EdAbroad.  On-campus promotion includes tabling, classroom visits, faculty meetings, placing posters on bulletin boards and handing out printed materials on campus.
Program representatives are encouraged to follow the marketing best practices guidelines in NAFSA's Resources for Institutional Management of Study Abroad.

Process for Affiliation

WWU works with over 100 study abroad programs all over the world and has established relationships with several study, service learning, work, and internship organizations.  Given WWU’s strong portfolio of programs (location, academics and program types), it is not common to have a program reviewed upon request.  Organizations submitting requests for affiliation should offer programs that do not duplicate current EdAbroad offerings.  Requests are made to Ryan Larsen, Director, Education Abroad.

WWU Accessibility Notice