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Total credits: 8


Nick Stanger

Nick Stanger

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies
AH 201

Redfish School of Change and The Island School have teamed up to offer an unusual learning experience focusing on climate action leadership, fisheries, and sustainability education at The Island School (TIS) on Eleuthera Island. Learn from local fishers, energy experts, fisheries researchers, and educators at TIS and the Cape Eleuthera Institute, a model place-based educational institution in The Bahamas.  This all-inclusive experience (room, board, and on-island travel are all included) will have you eating fresh seafood, diving and snorkeling with sharks and patch reefs, boating in the cerulean waters above a 4000 ft deep “tongue of the ocean”, all while learning about climate leadership and conducting research in the Caribbean.

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Program Highlights

  • Meet and work with Bahamian Fishers who are creating conservation community around their resource
  • Visit Lighthouse Rock at sunset and look East into the Atlantic Ocean and west into the Caribbean Sea
  • Learn from educators about The Island School and the Deep Creek Middle School
  • Engage in research with fisheries biologists from Cape Eleuthera Institute
  • Live in a dorm with sweeping views of the ocean
  • Snorkel above intact patch reefs, The Wall, and in cuts inhabited by nurse sharks
  • Swim, exercise, bike, and run through the sub-tropical forests, estuaries, and bays (accommodations are welcomed)
  • Eat fresh local seafood and aquaculture grown veggies
  • Support Bahamian conservation efforts
  • Learn about Climate Action and Justice in the Caribbean
  • Attend the optional Educators Conference July 31st – August 6th
Garden in Bahamas

Expectations of Participants

With or without reasonable accommodations, participants must be able to walk or sit for 4-5 hours/day. In addition, participants may have the opportunity to participate in the following activities:

  • Snorkeling (novices welcome!)
  • Boating in small crafts
  • Fishing/Spearfishing research
  • Research Seining for turtles
  • SCUBA is optional if you have certification
  • Bicycling (short flat journeys)
  • Hiking (short flat journeys)
  • Walking in tidal flats

Refrigeration available for medication purposes throughout the duration of the program.

Participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to departure.