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Nick Stanger

Nick Stanger

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies
AH 201

The 2020 Redfish School of Change will be made up of ten Canadian and ten U.S. students who travel on a five-week, mostly-human‐powered learning adventure through Indigenous and settler communities, waterways, and landscapes in the Salish Sea.  By partnering with local organizations, First Nations, and individuals, students will learn, design, and partake in processes of hope, Indigenous resurgence, and community action.  We will visit rural and urban communities, canoe through the Southern Gulf Islands, and have learning adventures on both sides of the Canadian-United States border.

Program Highlights

  • Work with Indigenous leaders
  • Canoeing big Salish canoes
    students walking near the Salish Sea
  • Hiking in coastal forests
  • Environmental hope workshops

Expectations of Participants

With or without reasonable accommodations, must be able to walk for 3 hours/day, sit for 5 hours/day.  Students are expected to have some fitness for various activities for walking, snorkeling, hiking, and canoeing.  All activities will be designed in consultation with students and the Disability Access Center office at WWU for appropriate adaptations.  Support vehicles travel with us throughout the journey.

Housing: Students will be hosted by each other, or host families.  You may be asked to host a Canadian student for a small amount of time (max one week) during our time in Bellingham

Visa: U.S. students are admitted at the border with a B1, others might require VISA processing.

Participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to departure, no exemptions.