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Total credits: 4


Tristan Goldman

Assistant Director, University Honors College
Old Main 480C

Honors 103, Navigating the Human Experience Abroad in Greece, is a unique opportunity to begin the Honors College at WWU in Athens, Greece with daily excursions to the awe-inspiring historic sites where democracy was born. Additionally, students will have ample opportunity to appreciate and explore the wonderful culture of contemporary Greece. By completing the course, students will jump start their progress in the Honors College, build relationships with students and faculty at WWU, and start their undergraduate studies with the enhanced confidence that comes from a study abroad experience.

Honors 337, A Culture of Freedom, is an opportunity for students in the Honors College to fulfill one of their seminar requirements through an opportunity to study abroad in Greece. The focus of the experience is built around exploring the ancient concept of liberty that suffused the culture of Greek antiquity. Throughout our exploration of the ancient sites, students will develop an appreciation for how the landscape and environment of Greece provided an ideal circumstance for small, tight-knit communities focused on political participation to thrive. Furthermore, students will have a wonderful opportunity to interact with and appreciate the beautiful contemporary culture of Greece.

Program Highlights

Students will have the opportunity to visit all of the major sites located with Athens, Greece, including the Acropolis and the Parthenon. We will also be traveling to central Greece, visiting Delphi and Thebes, as well as a four day trip to the Peloponnesus where we will visit Mycenae in the Argolid, Corinth and Akrocorinth, Sparta, Nestor’s Palace at Pylos, and ancient Olympia. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to travel by ferry to the nearby island of Aegina.

Expectations of Participants

With or without reasonable accommodations, must be able to walk and/or sit for 8-10 hours on long excursion days. Students can expect to be on their feet, walking up and down the hills of Athens and Greece, both on and off concrete, in very warm weather for extended periods of time, often several hours consecutively. The program is reasonably strenuous for students unaccustomed to being physically active continuously throughout the day. The program does not entail any other physically demanding activities aside from a great deal of walking.

Students will have access to refrigeration at their accommodations in Athens.

Participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to departure.