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Total credits: 14



A three-course sequence exploring how language and literature define identity under the pressures of colonialism, emigration, and immigration in Ireland—a country in which a poet was appointed to the first Senate, creative writers receive an income tax exemption, and the national symbol is a literary harp. After two weeks of telecommuting (with some optional in-person meetings in Bellingham), we'll depart for five weeks of springtime in Ireland. Coursework includes English-language literature study in Dublin, Sligo, and Inishmore (Aran Islands), plus a two-week Irish language immersion experience in rural Connemara. Flexible post-travel coursework allows students the option of continuing on for summer travel or opportunities abroad.


We are making two of the three courses available to students in 300- and 400-level options, to fulfill requirements for a broader group of students:

  • ENG 337/437: Irish Poetry and Politics (5 credits--counts as ENG 342 or 415)
  • ENG 337/437: Irish Literature of Emigration and Immigration (5 credits--counts as ENG 311, 321, or 410)
  • INTL 205: Irish Language Immersion (4 credits--acceptable as transfer credit for ENG 439)

14 credits total:

  • 14 credits can be applied towards the English major or minor,
  • or 14 credits can be applied towards the Linguistics major,
  • or one elective course in the Digital Humanities minor.
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Program Highlights

  • Credit options:
    • English: features 3 English major requirements, or 3/5 of an English minor.
    • Linguistics: program counts as 14 credits toward a Linguistics major.
    • Digital Humanities: program counts as one elective course in the minor.
    • Flexible offerings allow 300- or 400-level course options.
  • Program offerings:
    • Bicycling in the Aran Islands and hiking in Yeats’s Sligo.
    • Two-week introductory Irish language and cultural immersion experience in rural Connemara.
    • Tours of the Cliffs of Moher in Clare and Kilmainham Jail in Dublin.
    • Abbey Theatre performance in Dublin.
    • Optional telecommuting track for final coursework allows participants the choice of remaining in Europe for internships or further travel.
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Expectations of Participants

With or without reasonable accommodations, must be able to walk for 1-3 hours and sit for 2-4 hours. Activities include walking tours, bicycling, hiking, and visits to museums and cultural sites. Bussing alternatives to the tours, bicycling, and hiking are available to all students.  

Irish weather is unpredictable, and many course sites are outdoors: expect to encounter rain and mud.  

Refrigeration is available for the program duration.

Participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to departure, no exemptions.