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Total credits: 15



Maria Timmons Flores at a Ranchero Home

Maria Timmons Flores, Ph.D.

Professor, ELL / Bilingual Education Program
Miller Hall 302E
  • Info/Community Building Session for Potential Baja Students:                                          Friday, Sept. 23 from 4- 5:30pm in Miller Hall 258
  • January 4 - 13: Class via Zoom
  • January 17 - March 2: In residence in Mexico

This program is designed to help participants understand the lived experiences and indigenous knowledge of students and families in various communities of Baja California Sur, México. Students will explore how language, culture, identity, and learning develop both in and out of schools. We will visit various communities – fishing, farming, ranching, crafts, business – to hear directly from educators and families. We will volunteer in schools to experience the varied educational opportunities of Mexican students, both residents and children of migrating farmworkers. The course features a transcultural / national lens to consider how this knowledge informs teachers’ practices in teaching multilingual students and implementing culturally sustaining pedagogy in US public schools with immigrant and migrant students.

Students will have the opportunity to co-teach with Mexican educators in English or Spanish. The program includes a brief immersion in Spanish instruction for newcomers to the language.

The Arc rock formations. Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean.

Program Highlights

  • An extended residence in Todos Santos, to explore the history, culture, languages, environments, and emerging challenges in one of México’s Pueblos Mágicos (Magic Towns).
  • An academic curriculum focused on language, culture, identity and learning informed by immersion in experience and relationships.
  • Theory and practice to support teaching multilingual, multicultural students.
  • Weekly trips to regional communities and schools to better understand the variety of cultural knowledge, experiences, and assets that children bring to school.
  • Opportunity to build relationships with students by co-teaching English with Mexican educators.
  • Time to explore the beauty of a rare environment where desert, mountains and ocean meet in sponsored and independent trip opportunities.
  • An explicit focus on transnationalism and how lessons from this experience inform understanding of students, families, and schooling in the US.
    Todos Santos Old Town Mexico

Expectations of Participants

Todos Santos Square Mexico

With or without reasonable accommodations, must be able to walk or sit for three-four (3-4) hours in class four days each week. Estimated required walking in living situation and field experiences is up to three (3) miles.

We will take regional fields trips so these may include up to five (5) hours travel in vehicles. We have two (2) field trips planned that involve travel up to three (3) hours in small boats, one that has optional snorkeling or swimming with sea lions.

Refrigeration is available for a portion of the program. On the three (3) day trip to Islands, ice chests only will be available.

Participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to departure.