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Liz Mogford

Professor, Department of Sociology
AH 524

This course explores the history and cultures of Rwanda through collaborative, community-based learning. We work alongside partners in the village of Gashora, Rwanda to learn about their cultures, the challenges and opportunities they face, and their grassroots approaches to community development. During our time in the field, we will consider a wide array of issues, particularly the remarkable primary health care system of Rwanda.

In addition to global health, we will also learn about local education systems, business ventures, sanitation, resource access, agriculture, land, family and childhood issues, and language. Our primary partners are the Gashora Health Center and the Gashora Girls’ Academy, where participants will stay during our time in Gashora, to learn directly from local students and community members.




Program Highlights

  • Work with a health center and grassroots organizations to learn about locally based community health and development initiatives 
  • Explore the history, culture, politics, and economy of Rwanda
  • Spend 7 weeks in Rwanda and live among students at the Gashora Girls Academy 
  • Develop skills in community engagement and global citizenship by creating a social action project

Expectations of Participants

With or without reasonable accommodations, participants must be able to walk or stand for two to three hours per day.  The time walking & sitting varies from day-to-day, especially when the class is in motion. The village has dirt roads but is wheel chair accessible, however, you have to be able to independently (or with some assistance) get in and out of the bus/ local transportation.

There is access to electricity and refrigeration at the Gashora Girls Academy where participants will be staying. However, applicants should confirm before they decide to participate in the program.