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University leadership has agreed that students are allowed to petition to study abroad in State Department “Level 3: Reconsider Travel” and "Level 4: Do Not Travel" countries as of early June.  This…
Join an WWU EdAbroad advisor for an in-person Western Abroad 101 Information Session to learn all the basics of study abroad. Learn about the different program types, how to find and fund your…
You are invited to a Wildlands Studies Information Session Featuring the Summer 2022 Wildlife Research program Lead Instructor Aletris Neils! Learn more about domestic and international study abroad…

5 Steps to Study Abroad

A woman posing in front of a snowy mountain, reflected in a lake

1. Review Western Abroad 101 information session content

We welcome all undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying abroad. 

A woman posing on a sign reading, "Cape of Good Hope: The most south-western point of the African continent"

2. Research your program options

Define your goals for studying abroad and identify programs that interest you. Your study abroad program courses may apply towards your major or minor.  However, you do not have to be a declared major or minor to study abroad.

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3. Get funded

Programs and exchanges vary in price. Many grants, scholarships, and loans can be applied to study abroad programs through EdAbroad.

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4. Learn about your region of interest

Inform yourself by learning about the country and region where you wish to study. Learn more about the experience of studying abroad:

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5. Apply

There are two applications:

Once you have decided on a program, start the application process early! Deadlines vary depending on the program. Start planning a year in advance to explore all your options.