Education Abroad Advisory Committee (EAAC) Charge

The voting members of the Education Abroad Advisory Committee (EAAC) shall consist of seven WWU faculty and professional and classified staff who are broadly representative of programs and disciplines at the university, as well as one WWU study abroad alumni. The non-voting ex-officio members shall consist of the Director of Education Abroad and representation from the Registrar’s Office. Terms of office for voting members are two years in duration and staggered for continuity. Voting members should not serve more than two terms consecutively. Nominations to the committee, including self-nominations, are solicited annually in the spring quarter via announcement in Western Today, and new members are selected and approved by a quorum of the current membership. A quorum consists of at least four voting members present. A committee Secretary will be provided by Education Abroad staff.

The EAAC shall have three primary responsibilities: first, advising the Director of Education Abroad about the integration of education abroad into students’ Western experience; second, advising the Director of Education Abroad on the procedures for and assessment of Global Learning programs offered by WWU faculty outside of the US; and third, advising ACC on policies related to Global Learning. Departments and college curriculum committees are responsible for the academic oversight of Global Learning Programs.

Specifically, EAAC will focus on these aspects of education abroad:

1. The committee will advise the Director of Education Abroad about reaching out to departments and colleges regarding education abroad programs that may fulfill departmental or programmatic requirements.
2. The committee will work with the Director of Education Abroad to develop strategies related to the integration of education abroad into students’ curricular and co-curricular experiences.
3. While the Director of Education Abroad works with individual faculty to plan Global Learning Programs and is responsible for approving the programs, EAAC will provide two members to form a subcommittee with the EdAbroad Director to review and approve program proposals. EAAC will also review and make recommendations to the EdAbroad Director regarding the processes, procedures, and non-curricular assessment for Global Learning Programs.
4. The committee will make recommendations to the Director of Education Abroad about the frequency, rotation, and distribution of Global Learning Programs offered.
5. The committee will review applications and select faculty grantees for the annual Global Learning Travel Grants that are funded by the Institute for Global Engagement.
6. The committee will review student applications for Western’s study abroad scholarships and select winners annually.
7. The committee will advise and provide guidelines to ACC on policies related to Global Learning Programs across the university.

Approved 11/14/17