Student Learning Outcomes

1. Academic Discipline-Specific Learning

  • Advance knowledge gains of Academic disciplines in an international context
  • Complement and supplement the academic curriculum at Western Washington University 

2. Language Acquisition

  • Develop skills in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the target language 

3. Cross-Cultural Competency

  • Increase critical thinking skills, self-awareness, cross-cultural communication skills and tolerance for ambiguity
  • Enhance global understanding and appreciation of multiple perspectives 

4. Field-Based Experiential Learning

  • Gain hands-on practical and work experience through research, community immersion, service learning, and internships 

5. Active Reflection

  • Integrate material via active reflection using course materials, lectures, and experiences 

6. Post-Program Reflection

  • Demonstrate or articulate intercultural learning growth and identity development through post-program reflection such as blogging, website posts, journaling, digital storytelling, and presentations
  • Develop a sense of personal agency for creating positive change within a multicultural and global context