Practical Learning Abroad

The first step to studying abroad is to review the Western Abroad 101 session information.

Earn practical experience in your field through one of the options listed below. 

These opportunities are excellent resume builders!

International Internships

Students can participate in an international internship that may range from a few weeks to six months of full-time work. The internship integrates academic credit at Western Washington University with on-the-job experience, allowing students to gain valuable skills while working towards a degree. Students should start planning at least two quarters in advance for an international internship. You must work closely with a faculty advisor when doing an international internship. 

Please view the International Internship Guidelines or for Health and Human Development (HHD) majors (including Kinesiology, PEHR, Public Health, Recreation), the International Internships Guidelines - HHD for more information about requirements and procedures.

To search for internships visit our Program Finder page or the provider links below. If you select an internship that is not available through our Program Finder page, you may apply through the generic International Internship application.

Internship Providers

Virtual Internships: Access to Resume Builders!

Student Dong Dinh, Estonia Internship 2016

Breaking barriers in the class

Photographer: Dong Dinh

Independent Study Abroad

Independent Study is a self designed study abroad that allows students to pursue an educational experience not available through regular Western Washington University catalog course offerings. Students can participate in an international independent study through a WWU department and the Education Abroad office. Students should start planning at least two quarters in advance for an independent study abroad. Please view the Independent Study Abroad Guidelines for more information about requirements and procedures. More information and to apply for Independent Study Abroad.

Fairhaven Adventure Learning Grant recipients complete a separate application.

Non-credit International Experience

Students pursuing an international experience not for credit must register their travel with the EdAbroad office. Students can participate in a non-credit international experience through various means (attending or presenting at a conference, athletic event, or performing arts experience) and the EdAbroad office. Students will complete the Non-Credit International Experience application. Students should start planning at least two quarters in advance for a non-credit international experience.  

WWU provides a secure website through EdAbroad for students to record international travel plans and contact information. All information provided by travelers will remain confidential, as per FERPA guidelines. The Non-credit International Experience is a convenient service that supports emergency communications, access to University approved international health insurance, and travel resources. Students are encouraged to register their travel, even when not credit-bearing. This registry is not for faculty and staff. 

Why register through the Non-credit International Experience?
• Emergency Communications – In the event of an emergency at home or overseas, the Non-credit International Experience will help the University get in touch with you, and will support your ability to reach us for urgent health, safety, and security-related information.
• University Approved International Health Insurance – The Non-credit International Experience provides information and instructions for obtaining university-suggested international health insurance. This coverage commonly includes accident and sickness coverage, medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, and emergency evacuation in the event of political instability or a natural disaster.
• Trip Summary and University Emergency Contact Information – The Non-credit International Experience provides a summary of the information you enter, along with emergency contact information at home and overseas, and a travel itinerary, which can be printed or emailed.
• Travel Resources – Important health, safety, and logistical updates will be available before, during, and after your international trip. Other resources include the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and country-specific information through the U.S. Department of State. Please see the EdAbroad Health & Safety webpage.

Countries with Travel Advisories: International Travel Warning Policy

For questions about the Non-credit International Experience and developing a travel safety plan, please contact Ashley Hollenbeck, Director, Education Abroad or Paul Mueller, Risk Manager.

EdAbroad Advisor

For practical learning abroad advising, please contact Krista Mantello.