International Internships Guidelines

Students can participate in an international internship that may range from a few weeks to six months of full-time work. The internship integrates academic credit at Western Washington University with on-the-job experience, allowing students to gain valuable skills while working towards a degree. Students should start planning at least two quarters in advance for an international internship. Education Abroad (EdAbroad) and the Career Services Center offer internship resources.

Academic Requirements

  • Meet EdAbroad eligibility requirements for study abroad (min. 2.5 GPA, completion of at least 30 credits at WWU).
  • Internship approval by a faculty advisor and academic department or college chair; faculty advisor must determine how the internship is evaluated and indicate the S or U grade earned.
    • Communication Studies students are not be able to obtain pre-approval of an international internship. Students may ask the Communication Studies internship supervisor to review their internship upon return for potential credit within the major/minor.
  • Acceptability to the internship program or agency.


  • Meet with faculty advisor and obtain approval for internship.
  • Application:
  • As part of the WWU EdAbroad application, complete the Departmental Academic Advising E-sign Form with the faculty advisor to document approval. International internship credit can only be applied to one academic department. It is up to the student and faculty advisor to determine how the internship will be graded. Some departments have specific guidelines and students must follow departmental and EdAbroad guidelines for international internships.
  • Schedule an advising appointment with an EdAbroad advisor to process the application. At the advising appointment, students will be given the EdAbroad Registration Form to complete with their faculty advisor and department or college chair for signatures.
  • Return the completed EdAbroad e-sign Registration Form to EdAbroad.
  • If the internship program provides this service, the student must request the program or agency to send the evaluation or transcript directly to EdAbroad for processing upon completion of the internship. EdAbroad will send the internship evaluation or transcript to the faculty advisor for review via an e-sign form.
  • After the internship is completed, the student must meet with his/her faculty advisor to discuss the internship and evaluation before a grade and number of credits is determined.
  • EdAbroad will send the faculty advisor the International Credit Evaluation e-sign form for them to enter the grade (S or U), course level (INTL 115, 215, 315, 415) and number of credits earned. The faculty advisor will forward the e-sign form to the Registrar’s office.
  • The Registrar’s office will then post the grade and number of credits earned to the student’s WWU transcript.


After the application is processed by EdAbroad, and the student submits the completed signed EdAbroad Registration Form the student will be registered for each quarter they are participating in the internship. EdAbroad registers students in a block placeholder of Global Internship and Field Study INTL x15 credits, S/U graded. Upon completion of the internship, the actual number of credits the student successfully completes, the course level, and the S or U grade, as determined by the faculty advisor, is reported on the student’s WWU transcript via the International Credit Evaluation e-sign form.

For more information, contact Krista Mantello.