Veterans Abroad

Many veterans are able to use their benefits to help fund an education abroad experience.  If you are a veteran and wish to use your benefits to help fund your education abroad experience, please be sure to work closely with the Education Abroad office as well as the Veterans Services office.  Note that the education abroad program must fit into the student’s plan of study as the Veterans Affairs (VA) will only pay for courses that are needed for graduation. 

Please note that in order to utilize the Washington State Veteran’s Affairs (VA) tuition wavier students must select a program in which they pay WWU rates for tuition.  If the student selects a traditional third-party provider program, it will be up to the student to pay the program as is standard for all students.

While abroad, the student continues to receive monthly living stipend while attending classes or for the length of the quarter or semester.  Students are responsible to pay for all living and travel expenses associated with education abroad.