Western Abroad 101

To complete a Western Abroad 101:

  • Check out all of the links and videos on this page for session information. 
  • Start with the "Intro to Study Abroad Video," then review the "Western Abroad 101 Documents." 
  • After you have reviewed the Western Abroad 101 Presentation, watch the remaining Western Abroad 101 Videos. 
  • Complete the Goal Setting Form and Financial Worksheet (non-WWU use Financial Worksheet)
  • Finally, complete the submission form at the bottom of the page to record you have completed Western Abroad 101 and an EdAbroad staff member will follow-up with you via email!

Contact EdAbroad at 360-650-3298 or EdAbroad@wwu.edu with any questions!

Western Abroad 101 Documents

Intro to Study Abroad

4 Types of Study Abroad

Study Abroad Providers

Faculty-led Global Learning

5 Steps to Studying Abroad

Tools for Finding a Program


Practical Learning Abroad

Connecting with Students Abroad

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Myths About Study Abroad

Submission Form

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