Western Abroad 201 - Study Abroad Planning Workshops

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Wednesdays and Thursdays (April 3 -  June 6) at 3:30pm and 4:15pm in Haggard Hall 112.

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Western Abroad 201 Workshop Details

Join EdAbroad advisors for an in-person workshop session to explore your education abroad options.

Requirements: Must have already attended an Western Abroad 101 info session. We encourage students to attend this workshop before committing to a education abroad program. 

Feel free to print any forms you might find helpful! 

You can also review our: Major Advising Pages | Education Abroad (wwu.edu) to find programs that meet your academic needs.

Workshop Planning Tasks

  1. Review your Degree Works 
    • Degree Works is available on myWestern or in Web4U under the Students - Students Records section
      • Understanding Degree Works Worksheet
      • What If feature allows students to see how changing their major or minor will impact their progress to degree completion, as well as see how planned future classes would apply to degree requirements
      • Make a list of courses you still need for GURs, Major, Minor, electives, etc. 
      • Remember that Degree Works is an academic tool, it does not replace conversations with your academic advisors
  2. Review your Budget (optional)
    • Web4U - Financial Aid - Aid by Year - Award Overview
    • Review your budget and financial aid award
    • Consider Scholarships you are eligible for
  3. Explore Programs
  4. Get Organized to meet with your advisors
    • Gather syllabi and/or course information
    • Prepare questions to ask
  5. Apply

Tips on Navigating Degree Works & Planning for Study Abroad

laptop and map and planning journal - Abroad 201 - Study Abroad Planning Workshop

4 Types of Study Abroad

Tools for Finding a Program

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Connecting with Students Abroad

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