Ashley Hollenbeck



Ashley is the current Education Abroad Director, former Executive Director of InPlace, and an instructor for the Institute of Global Engagement. She is native to the Pacific Northwest and moved to Bellingham after spending most of her career abroad. Her work has focused on environmental conservation, international development, governance and intercultural education in various roles locally and nationally in Japan, Vietnam, Morocco, and the United States. She first traveled to SE Asia in 2011 to work with UNHabitat as a consultant on integrated water resource management and participatory natural resource management. She then returned to research environmental security and resilience in collaboration with local partners as a Rotary Peace Fellow. Ashley is interested in continuing to explore how international education can be a tool to work to address complex global challenges at the local level through interdisciplinary, cross-cultural engagement. And ideally, would like to create more opportunities for young leaders to use the skills they learn abroad when they return home.