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These pages are currently under revision, and may not have a complete list of programs. Please contact Hannah Nevitt to explore all program options.

WWU Education Abroad offers programs and exchanges that vary in cost. The following programs highlight a variety of programs by region, all with a base price starting around $12,000* or less for a semester/quarter or $5,000 for summer.

*Keep in mind that the average cost of attendance (Tuition/Housing/Meals/Books etc.) for a term at WWU (In-State rates) are around $8500 per quarter/ $25,000 per Academic Year.

This list will feature programs that are similar in price, or less than what an in-state student might budget at WWU.

Please note there are many other options available beyond what is listed. 

This is not a guaranteed list for credit transfer. Students must obtain department advisor approval for fulfilling degree requirements. 

Students must apply to both the provider through the links below, and to WWU Education Abroad

*Costs are subject to change.

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Hannah Nevitt

Program Coordinator

Office: Remote/Miller Hall 208

Advising Info

After you decide on a program and the courses you will take abroad, you must complete the Departmental Academic Advising Esign Form with your academic advisor. The form must be completed before your program commences.   

Review Your Degree Works  

Web4U > Student > Student Records > Degree Works. Follow steps to see what you have completed, and what you still need for your degree plan. At least 50% of the credit hours required for the major/minor must be earned at Western.   

An official transcript from your program must be sent to Education Abroad for processing upon completion of your program.  

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Program Options

Study Abroad Provider

  • Independent organizations that facilitate or administer study abroad programs for students
  • Quarter, semester, academic year, calendar year, and summer
  • Pay a program fee that includes tuition, housing, etc. (varies)
  • More services provided
  • Often includes excursions, onsite pickup, varied housing options
  • Part time internships can be available for credit

Faculty-led Global Learning Program

  • WWU faculty organize and lead academic programs abroad
  • Quarter, summer, and academic breaks
  • Earn WWU credits and learn from WWU faculty abroad while studying with other WWU students
  • Pay tuition and fees at WWU in addition to a program fee for onsite costs

Western Exchange

  • Bilateral agreements between WWU and universities abroad to exchange students
  • Chance of placement is high
  • Semester and year-long options
  • Pay WWU in-state tuition and mandatory fees
  • Room & board paid onsite
  • Take courses with international students at universities abroad
  • Eligibility requirements vary
  • More independent and less services

ISEP Exchange

  • ISEP stands for International Student Exchange Program
  • Students can choose from over 135 universities in 36 different countries
  • Students provide ISEP with a list of preferred sites. Chance of placement varies from site to site.
  • Semester & year-long options only
  • Pay WWU in-state tuition and mandatory fees
  • Room & board paid to WWU
  • Take courses with international students at universities abroad
  • More independent and less services provided

Research, Fellowships & Grants

  • CEA Affiliate Student Discount/Scholarship

    All WWU students receive an automatic program discount off CEA program fees.

    Award amount: Academic year $2000 + $500 flight voucher, Semester $1000 + $500 flight voucher, Summer $500 + $250 flight voucher

  • Diverse International Women of Color Scholarship for Study Abroad


    • Be a women of color but not limited to Black or African-American, Native American, Hispanic/Latina and Asian.
    • Must be a student and attend college or university in the United States.
    • Must have a GPA of 2.7 or higher.
    • Accepted to a summer study abroad program.
    • Study abroad program must start in June, July or August to be considered.

    Application opens in March. Deadline is in early May.

    Award amount: $500

  • CIEE Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship
    • Award covers the full cost of travel to and from participation in a four-week, 3-credit study abroad program sponsored by CIEE.
    • Fellows are expected to present and share their study abroad experience with their campus community upon their return to campus.

    Award amount: Full Ride Study Abroad Fellowship

  • Fulbright Fellowship/Student Program

    The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers research, study, and teaching opportunities in over 140 countries to recent graduates and graduate students.

    Award amount: Subject to the availability of federally-appropriated funds

  • Boren Fellowships

    Boren Fellowships promote long term linguistic and cultural immersion. Therefore, preference will be given to applicants proposing overseas programs of six months or longer. However, applicants proposing overseas programs of three-six months, especially those in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields are encouraged to apply.

  • CIEE - Gilman Go Global & GAIN Grants

    Just by applying for the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship, students participating on CIEE Study Abroad programs will automatically receive Go Global grants! GAIN Grants available for students using a Pell Grant, and helps cover airfare.

    Award amount: Semester $2500, Summer $1000

  • U.S. Dept. of State Rangel Graduate Fellowship

    An orientation to the Program and the Foreign Service at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

    • Two summer internships, one on Capitol Hill and one overseas at a U.S. embassy in summer                          

    Award amount: Up to $37,500 annually toward tuition, fees and living expenses for a two-year master’s degree in fields related to the Foreign Service such as Business Administration, Economics, Public Policy, and International Relations at a U.S.-based institution.

  • U.S. Dept. of State Consular Fellows Program

    Award amount: $ Paid Positions Abroad

  • U.S. Dept. of State Critical Language Scholarship

    Award amount: Summer $Full Tuition, Airfare, Accommodations

  • NSEP David L Boren Undergraduate Scholarship

    Award amount: Up to $8000 for a summer; $10,000 for a semester and $20,000 for a full academic year

  • Multidisciplinary International Research Training (MIRT) Fellowship

    Award amount: Summer full tuition, airfare, accommodations, etc.

  • IIE Scholarships & Grants

    Award amount: Various

  • Fulbright Commission Summer Institutes

    The US-UK Fulbright Commission Summer Institutes

    Award amount: Full Tuition, Airfare, Accommodations

  • Freeman-ASIA (Freeman Awards for Study in Asia) Grant

    Award amount: up to $3,000 for Summer, $5,000 for Semester/Quarter, $7,000 for Academic Year

  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

    Scholarship for Pell Grant eligible students

    Award amount: Grants averaging up to $3,000 for Summer, $5,000 for Semester/Quarter, $8,000 for Critical Language Study



ISEP - University of Botswana, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter



South Africa



Hong Kong

ISEP - The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter






CIEE - Open Campus Singapore, Spring Semester, Spring Quarter, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter

For Fall 2022 & Winter/Spring 2023 CIEE is offering Founders grants for this program! Students can receive a program discount of $1250 per block! 

  • Ex. If students participate in 2 blocks/12 weeks/18 credits for fall quarter, or winter quarter the price starts at $10,000! This is a great price for Singapore!

South Korea



Central America


Wildlands Studies - Belize, Summer Quarter

Costa Rica

Puerto Rico; USA

ISEP - University of Puerto Rico, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter




ISEP - Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter


API - Croatia - Business, Communications, STEM, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter, Academic Year

Czech Republic




ISEP - University of Tartu, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter
  • Courses in English!





ISEP - University of Debrecen, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter


Wildlands Studies - Iceland, Summer Quarter




ISEP Direct - Malta - University of Malta, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter, Academic Year


Northern Ireland

ISEP - Ulster University, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter



ISEP - Edinburgh Napier University, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter



Middle East


USAC - Haifa, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter


CIEE - Summer Middle East Studies, Summer Quarter

United Arab Emirates

ISEP - American University of Sharjah, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

North America






ISEP - University of the South Pacific, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

New Zealand

South America



ISEP- Universidad Privada Boliviana, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter


ISEP - Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter







  • ISA - Intensive Month Combo - Multi Destination, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter
  • ISA - Internships, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter
    • 6 - 9 credit internships and coursework available in:

    • Australia, Belgium, Chile, England, France, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, Vietnam
    • Students can participate in 6 week, 8 week, or 12 week internships
    • For an additional $375 students can earn 6 - 9 quarter credits for their internship placements through the University of South Florida
  • API - Intensive 2 Month Combo, Spring Quarter, Winter Quarter
  • Global Experiences Internships, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter
    • Semester/Quarter 12 week internships are cost effective! 
    • For example, a 12 week internship in Barcelona is $8990. You can earn 9 sem/13 quarter credits for an additional $900.
  • CIEE - Open Campus Multi-Destination - Global Institute Network, Spring Quarter, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter

Service Learning for credit

ISA - Service Learning for Credit, Spring Semester, Spring Quarter, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter
  • Program locations in Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and Spain
  • Students can participate in 4 week, 6 week, or 8 week or placements
  • Service learning can be combined with traditional semester options depending on program and duration.
  • Students can earn up to 4 quarter credits for a 4 week program, and up to 7 quarter credits for an 8 week program.

Virtual Global Courses

Virtual Global Courses

SIT - Online Courses - Intensive Language Study, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter
  • Intensive Online Language courses - Hindi, Arabic, Swahili, Nepali, & Tibetan 
  • Summer & Winter quarter options
  • $960 - $1080 for 4 quarter credits

West Indies


USAC - Havana, Summer Quarter