Architecture/Urban Planning/Sustainable Development

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These pages are currently under revision, and may not have a complete list of programs. Please contact Hannah Nevitt to explore all program options.

The following programs offer significant coursework and immersion opportunities for Urban Planning, Architecture, and Sustainable Development. This is meant to highlight a variety of programs by region; please note there are many more available beyond what is listed here, and this is not a guaranteed list for credit transfer. Students will still need to meet with their departments to discuss fulfilling degree requirements.

For information about the Urban Planning degree program, please refer to the BA requirements listed on the University Catalog, linked here.

For the Urban Planning you can find more information here.

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Education Abroad


Office: Miller Hall 208

Advising Info

After you decide on a program and the courses you will take abroad, you must complete the Departmental Academic Advising Esign Form with your academic advisor. The form must be completed before your program commences.   

Review Your Degree Works  

Web4U > Student > Student Records > Degree Works. Follow steps to see what you have completed, and what you still need for your degree plan. At least 50% of the credit hours required for the major/minor must be earned at Western.   

An official transcript from your program must be sent to Education Abroad for processing upon completion of your program.  

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Program Options

Study Abroad Provider

  • Independent organizations that facilitate or administer study abroad programs for students
  • Quarter, semester, academic year, calendar year, and summer
  • Pay a program fee that includes tuition, housing, etc. (varies)
  • More services provided
  • Often includes excursions, onsite pickup, varied housing options
  • Part time internships can be available for credit

Faculty-led Global Learning Program

  • WWU faculty organize and lead academic programs abroad
  • Quarter, summer, and academic breaks
  • Earn WWU credits and learn from WWU faculty abroad while studying with other WWU students
  • Pay tuition and fees at WWU in addition to a program fee for onsite costs

Western Exchange

  • Bilateral agreements between WWU and universities abroad to exchange students
  • Chance of placement is high
  • Semester and year-long options
  • Pay WWU in-state tuition and mandatory fees
  • Room & board paid onsite
  • Take courses with international students at universities abroad
  • Eligibility requirements vary
  • More independent and less services

ISEP Exchange

  • ISEP stands for International Student Exchange Program
  • Students can choose from over 135 universities in 36 different countries
  • Students provide ISEP with a list of preferred sites. Chance of placement varies from site to site.
  • Semester & year-long options only
  • Pay WWU in-state tuition and mandatory fees
  • Room & board paid to WWU
  • Take courses with international students at universities abroad
  • More independent and less services provided



South Korea



  • CIEE - Open Campus Copenhagen, Spring Semester, Spring Quarter, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Fisheries, Biology and Sustainability, Sustainable City Planning in Copenhagen, Global Environmental Policy, Sustainable Development in the 21st Century, Independent Research, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Climate Change Science and Policy, Environmental Psychology


  • CEA Study + Internship Summer London, Summer Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Internship, Urban Studies: Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: London
  • AIFS University College London Summer, Summer Quarter

    English courses in: Summer session 1, Summer session 2, or BOTH sessions 1+2 are possible. 6-12 quarter credits.

    • Climate Change and Sustainability in Practice, Geography/Global Urbanism of London: Contemporary Urbanism, Culture and Space, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Public Art Graffiti and the Right to the City, Economics for Sustainability: Climate Change and Social Inequalities, Law Lawyers and Social Justice, Battery Technology, London's Urban Development: Politics, Policy and Design, Urban Environmental Politics, Politics of Global Development, Society Technology and Behavior


  • ISEP - Technische Universität Dortmund - Pay In-State Tuition & Fees!, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter
  • CIEE Berlin Global Architecture & Design, Spring Semester

     English courses in:

    • Future Cities Design Studio, Design and Sustainability Seminar, Science and Technology Workshop, German Architectural History and Theory, Global Environmental Policy

    *Spring semester programs spans both winter and spring quarters, but this can be more affordable ($10,975 per quarter)

    *For a more affordable way to access these courses for Fall quarter, look at the CIEE Open Campus Berlin Block program. Students could do a fall quarter for 12 weeks/18 quarter credits and access these courses in Berlin for $13,900.

  • CIEE - Open Campus Berlin, Spring Semester, Spring Quarter, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Sustainability and the Anthropocene, Global Environmental Policy, Independent Research, Internship, Global Civil Rights, Berlin and the Politics of Building Sustainable Cities, German Architecture History and Theory, Entrepreneurship
    • Students can take courses from the CIEE Architecture and Design Berlin Semester program for a more affordable price through the CIEE Open Campus Berlin program!
    • Typical Global Architecture + Design courses offered are ENVI 3102 BRGE: Design and Sustainability Seminar (Block I), and ARCH 3102 BRGE: Science and Technology Workshop – Computational Design Theory and Application (Block II). More information about these courses can be found on the CIEE Berlin Global Architecture + Design page.
  • AIFS - Berlin, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    Freie Universitat Berlin

    English courses in: 

    • Energizing Europe: The EU Energy and Climate Crisis, Environmental Politics and Policy in Europe, The Architecture of a Metropolis, Green Business: Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Europe and Legal Traditions

    Humbolt Universitat zu Berlin

    English courses in:

    • Ecological Transition of Germanys Social Market Economy, Urban Gardens, International Economic Law, Urban Performance in Tourism
  • ISEP - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover - Pay In-State Tuition & Fees!, Spring Quarter, Fall Quarter


  • ISA - Athens, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter

    Semester English courses in:

    • Greening the Campus, Innovation in Action: Design Thinking Lab, Environmental Ecology, Maritime Economics, Conservation of Wildlife and Mediterranean Ecosystems, Contemporary Environmental Issues, Environmental Policies of the EU, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Energy Resources and Pollution, Environmental Analysis, Principles of Environmental management, Sustainable Cities, Environmental Geology, 3D Modeling, Oceanography, Philosophy, Carriage of goods by Sea and Law of International Trade, Tourism and Hospitality, International Shipping Policies

    Summer English courses in:

    • Contemporary Environmental Issues, Life in the Oceans, Philosophy/Business Ethics
  • , Summer Quarter

Northern Ireland



  • CIEE Barcelona Global Architecture and Design, Spring Semester

    English courses in:

    • Future Cities Design Studio, Future Cities Seminar, Science Engineering and Tech workshop: Designing Associations, Urban Culture and Contemporary Barcelona, Economics of Wine, Global Environmental Policy
  • CEA - Alicante - Humanities and Social Sciences, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Human Geography, Geography of Tourism, Architecture Design Studio, Architecture Theory, Basic Construction Systems, History of Construction, Singular Building Systems, Botany, Urban Planning and Environment, Port and Coastal Engineering, Planning and Operating Transport Infrastructures, Metallic Structures, Industrialized Building and Construction, Geotechnical Construction, Ecology of Populations and Communities, Global Economics of Tourism, Civil Legislation for Tourism, Private International Law, Theory of Law, Urban Planning 1, 2 + 3.
  • SAI Barcelona: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Barcelona City Planning and Architecture, Urban Inventions: Graffiti and Public Sculpture, Modernism: Art Nouveau Architecture, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, Geopolitics, An Urban Approach to Spain and Europe


New Zealand

South America


  • ISA - Lima, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    *Students need 1 year of college level Spanish.

    English courses in:

    • Urbanism & Law, Seminar in Geography, Innovation and Change Management, International Law, Conservation of the Peruvian Amazon, Environmental Management, Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering, Globalization and Society

    Spanish courses in:

    • Building Cities of Peru, Geography, Ecotourism, Environmental Law, Geomorphology, Human Geography, Hydrography, Intro to GIS, Ocean and Resources, Urban Planning, Anthropology of Development, Urban Anthropology, Urban Sociology
  • ISA - Cusco, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter

    Semester English courses in:

    • Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change Adaptation in the Peruvian Andes, Indigenous Peoples and Social Movements in Latin America, Sustainable Development in the Peruvian Andes, Archaeology Heritage and Tourism

    Summer English courses in:

    • Sustainable Development in the Peruvian Andes