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These pages are currently under revision, and may not have a complete list of programs. Please contact Hannah Nevitt to explore all program options.

The following programs offer significant coursework and field immersion opportunities for Education. This is meant to highlight a variety of programs by region. Please note there are many other options available beyond what is listed. This is not a guaranteed list for credit transfer. Students must obtain department advisor approval for fulfilling degree requirements. Students must apply to both the provider through the links below, and to WWU Education Abroad

University Catalogue Information: Early Childhood Education P-3 Option, BAE, Early Childhood Special Education, BAE, Special Education, BAE, Early Childhood Special Education P-3 and Early Childhood Education P-3 (Dual Endorsement), BAE

Note that these are not the only degree programs in their respective fields.

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Janna Cecka

Advisor for Secondary Education

Office: MH 201A

Maria Timmons Flores, Ph.D.

Professor, ELL / Bilingual Education Program

Office: Miller Hall 302E

Advising Info

After you decide on a program and the courses you will take abroad, you must complete the Departmental Academic Advising Esign Form with your academic advisor. The form must be completed before your program commences. Since many Education majors are “tracked” or “lock-step,” students interested may consider going abroad during their sophomore year to complete GURs or a combination of coursework so as not to be limited to summer only options after starting major coursework.

Review Your Degree Works  

Web4U > Student > Student Records > Degree Works. Follow steps to see what you have completed, and what you still need for your degree plan. At least 50% of the credit hours required for the major/minor must be earned at Western.   

An official transcript from your program must be sent to Education Abroad for processing upon completion of your program.  

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Program Options

Study Abroad Provider

  • Independent organizations that facilitate or administer study abroad programs for students
  • Quarter, semester, academic year, calendar year, and summer
  • Pay a program fee that includes tuition, housing, etc. (varies)
  • More services provided
  • Often includes excursions, onsite pickup, varied housing options
  • Part time internships can be available for credit

Faculty-led Global Learning Program

  • WWU faculty organize and lead academic programs abroad
  • Quarter, summer, and academic breaks
  • Earn WWU credits and learn from WWU faculty abroad while studying with other WWU students
  • Pay tuition and fees at WWU in addition to a program fee for onsite costs

Western Exchange

  • Bilateral agreements between WWU and universities abroad to exchange students
  • Chance of placement is high
  • Semester and year-long options
  • Pay WWU in-state tuition and mandatory fees
  • Room & board paid onsite
  • Take courses with international students at universities abroad
  • Eligibility requirements vary
  • More independent and less services

ISEP Exchange

  • ISEP stands for International Student Exchange Program
  • Students can choose from over 135 universities in 36 different countries
  • Students provide ISEP with a list of preferred sites. Chance of placement varies from site to site.
  • Semester & year-long options only
  • Pay WWU in-state tuition and mandatory fees
  • Room & board paid to WWU
  • Take courses with international students at universities abroad
  • More independent and less services provided

Research, Fellowships & Grants

Princeton in Asia Fellowship - Teaching and Service Field Placements in Asia Post Grad

While more than half of the Fellows are employed as English teachers at universities, colleges, and high schools, there are also specialized positions with organizations that contribute to the following global issues: education, environmental sustainability, public health, media, economic development, and peace, justice, and access to information.

Award amount: Local stipend paid directly by the host organization. The stipend is intended to cover the cost of safe housing, clean food and drinking water, basic telecommunications, and local travel.

Teach & Learn in Spain Graduate Program - Instituto Franklin - UAH

The Teach & Learn in Spain Graduate Program was established to provide English speakers the opportunity to earn a master’s degree while living in Spain. This innovative program allows students to gain hands-on experience in the classroom and earn a master’s degree in just one year while receiving a monthly stipend. This program is accredited by the University of Alcala and is worth 60 ECTS credits.

UK Fulbright: UCL Faculty of Education and Society Award

The living stipend is intended as a contribution towards general maintenance costs towards the first year in the UK.

In the UK, master's degrees are typically one-year programmes (full-time).

Award amount: Full tuition waiver, £17,609 living stipend, $1500 travel stipend

Fulbright Fellowship/Student Program

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers research, study, and teaching opportunities in over 140 countries to recent graduates and graduate students.

Award amount: Subject to the availability of federally-appropriated funds

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

For Pell Grant eligible students

Award amount: Grants averaging up to $3,000 for Summer, $5,000 for Semester/Quarter, $8,000 for Critical Language Study



  • ISEP - University of Botswana, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    Courses in English

    • Introduction to Exceptional Children, Introduction to Educational Psychology, Foundations of Developmental Psychology, Methods in Teaching School Subjects to Students with Mental Retardation/ Intellectual disabilities, Educational Assessment and Identification of Students with Disabilities, Developmental Approach and Behavioural Management of Students with Disabilities/Difficulties, Service Delivery Approaches in Special Education, Foundations of Multi-Cultural Literacy Education, 


  • ISA Service Learning - Meknes, Morocco, Summer Quarter

    $3,100 4-week summer.  Placement site, housing, meals & airport pickup.

    Additional $275 for 3 quarter credits

    • Placements 
      • Community Support Center- Participants may assist in teaching English, designing specialty workshops and classes, and recreational activities for all ages.
      • Women's Development and Vocational Training Foundations - Many of the educational courses teach artisan skills (embroidery, calligraphy, literacy) to increase employment opportunities and/or assist the women in starting their own businesses. Participant opportunities may include organizing logistics, preparing lesson plans, and teaching English to the women. Additional help may be needed with fundraising, marketing, or creating a social media presence or website development to help the women sell their products.
      • Cultural Center - participants will have opportunities to help with teaching various classes, including English, computer science, dance classes, sports, music, video editing, theatre, photoshop, drawing and painting, coaching, cinema.

South Africa




South Korea


Central America

Costa Rica

  • ISA Service Learning - San Jose, Costa Rica, Summer Quarter

    $2,750 4-week summer. Placement site, housing, meals, airport pickup. Additional $275 for 3 quarter credits

    • Placements 
      • After School Program - engage children by facilitation recreational activities, art, and music projects
      • Public School - K-12, teacher's aide, tutoring, TESOL
      • Education Center for People with Disabilities - visual and hearing impairments, speech & occupational therapy, music, art, physical education, dietary guidance, recreational activities
      • Bilingual School - PK-12 school's mission on civic commitment, personal growth and environmental conservation. Teacher's Aide, TESOL, Physical Education
      • Youth Development Center - youth education and recreation programming - TESOL, Technology, Human Resources, activities

Puerto Rico; USA


Czech Republic





  • ISEP - Teaching Internship in Germany - TU Dortmund - Pay In-State Tuition and Fees!, Spring Quarter, Fall Quarter
    • No German language required. 
    • Access to a Free 4-week German Intensive Course

    Through TU Dortmund University's cooperation with area schools we are able to organize full-time English-language teaching internships in a variety of subjects (grades K-12). Credit is earned through TU Dortmund University. This program is a great opportunity for students to earn contact hours for Student Teaching requirements; students can earn 15 U.S. credits by teaching for a minimum of 3 months for 30-40 hours per week.


  • ISA Service Learning - Galway, Ireland, Summer Quarter

    $3,650 4-week summer. $4,650 6-week. Placement site, housing, airport pickup.

    Additional $275 for 3 quarter credits

    • Placements 
      • Center for People with Autism - Participants may support and supervise children of various ages with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a range of clubs and activities.
      • Family Support Center - The center also runs an activity group that aims to promote social inclusion through arts and crafts, sports, drama, and cooking projects, youth exchanges, day trips, mid-term and summer camps, yoga and meditation, cooking classes, grinds (tutoring), as well as workshops on building healthy relationships and improving I.T skills.
      • Support Center for Individuals with Disabilities - The aim is to enhance the well-being of the family unit through fun and recreational activities including music, art, and play therapy as well as guardian(s) support mechanisms. 


  • USAC - Reggio Emilia, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter

    Courses in English:

    • Education for a Changing World, Italian/International Educational Approaches: Reggio and Montessori, Models of Teaching, Early Childhood Education, Comparative Education 
  • ISEP - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter


  • ISEP Direct - Malta - University of Malta , Spring Semester, Academic Year
    • One of the most LGBTQ+ friendly locations in Europe
    • Academic year Direct and spring semester options. Academic year starts from $21,500 - $23,500. 
    • Great for English courses in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Physical Education Teaching and Coaching
    • Airport Pickup Available
  • ISEP - University of Malta - Pay In-State Tuition and Fees!, Spring Semester, Academic Year
    • One of the most LGBTQ+ friendly locations in Europe
    • Academic year and Spring semester options.
    • Great for English courses in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Physical Education Teaching and Coaching
    • Airport Pickup Available




Middle East

United Arab Emirates

North America





New Zealand

  • USAC - Wellington, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter
    • An Introduction to Social and Cultural Studies in Education, Introduction to Professional and Ethical Practice in Education and Health Contexts, Learning in the Digital World, Educational Psychology, Psychology of Change and Development, Behavior Challenges
  • AIFS - Wellington, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter
  • ISEP - University of Auckland, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

South America



  • ISEP - Universidad Católica del Norte , Spring Quarter, Fall Quarter
  • ISA Service Learning - Valparaiso, Chile, Summer Quarter

    $2,995 4-week summer. Placement site, housing, meals, airport pickup. Additional $275 for 3 quarter credits

    • Placements 
      • Center for Infantile Nutrition
      • Technical High School - education - TESOL
      • Community Center- community development, family & youth development - sustainability, education, dance, art, cooking, TESOL, yoga, art therapy, human resources, marketing
      • English Language Institute - TESOL, education, teaching
      • Educational Center for Children with Disabilities - primary education, art workshops, speech therapy, occupational therapy
  • ISEP - Universidad Católica del Norte , Spring Quarter, Fall Quarter
  • SIT - Comparative Education & Social Change Chile & Argentina, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    Courses in Spanish:

    • Spanish for Social Sciences and Education (I, II, III), Education Quality and Equity, Research Methods and Ethics, Independent Study Project or Internship




  • API - Internship, Spring Quarter, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter