Geology & Earth Science

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The following programs offer significant coursework and field immersion opportunities for Geology and Geothermal Energy. This is meant to highlight a variety of programs by region. Please note there are many other options available beyond what is listed. This is not a guaranteed list for credit transfer. Students must obtain department advisor approval for fulfilling degree requirements. Students must apply to both the provider through the links below, and to WWU Education Abroad

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Note that these are not the only degree programs in their respective fields.

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Education Abroad


Office: Miller Hall 208

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After you decide on a program and the courses you will take abroad, you must complete the Departmental Academic Advising Esign Form with your academic advisor. The form must be completed before your program commences.

Review Your Degree Works  

Web4U > Student > Student Records > Degree Works. Follow steps to see what you have completed, and what you still need for your degree plan. At least 50% of the credit hours required for the major/minor must be earned at Western.   

An official transcript from your program must be sent to Education Abroad for processing upon completion of your program.  

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Program Options

Study Abroad Provider

  • Independent organizations that facilitate or administer study abroad programs for students
  • Quarter, semester, academic year, calendar year, and summer
  • Pay a program fee that includes tuition, housing, etc. (varies)
  • More services provided
  • Often includes excursions, onsite pickup, varied housing options
  • Part time internships can be available for credit

ISEP Exchange

  • ISEP stands for International Student Exchange Program
  • Students can choose from over 135 universities in 36 different countries
  • Students provide ISEP with a list of preferred sites. Chance of placement varies from site to site.
  • Semester & year-long options only
  • Pay WWU in-state tuition and mandatory fees
  • Room & board paid to WWU
  • Take courses with international students at universities abroad
  • More independent and less services provided



  • USAC - University of Reading, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter
    • Marine Biology and Conservation, Nature Conservation, Plants, Greenspace, and Urban Sustainability, Water, Agriculture, and Irrigation, Climatology, Biogeography and Ecology, Contemporary Issues in Human Geography, Soils in the Environment, Geomorphology, Energy Resources, Soil Ecology and Functions, Geological Resources

    (More Classes Available)




  • ISEP Direct - University College Cork, Spring Semester, Academic Year

    Introduction to Environmental Science, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Environmental Risk Assessment and Auditing, Habitats and Ecosystems, Conservation Biology, Physics for the Environmental Sciences I, Environmental Geography, Biogeography, Introduction to Remote Sensing, Environmental Remote Sensing, Economic and Rural Geography, Introduction to Geographical Informational Systems

    (More Classes Available) 



  • SAI Siena, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter

    English courses:

    • Physics, Spatial and Settlement Archaeology, Human Evolution, Fundamentals of Geology, Prehistoric Ecology and Global Warming, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Sustainable Development, Calculus
  • ISA - Rome, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter

    American University of Rome 

    • English courses in:
      • GIS and Remote Sensing, Environmental Science, Physical Geography, Archaeology



  • USAC - Stirling, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter
    • Biogeography: An Ecological and Environmental Approach, Energy and Society, Environmental Policy and Management, Geographical Information Systems, Global Environmental Issues, Methods and Applications in Environmental Sciences


Non-Affiliated Programs * Petition Required for Potential Approval*


South America


  • ISA - Lima, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    *Students must have completed 1 year of college level Spanish (3 quarters).

    English courses in:

    • Environmental Management, Conservation in the Peruvian Amazon

    Spanish courses in: 

    • Geomorphology, Hydrography, GIS, Spatial Analysis, Sustainable Border Management