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The following programs offer significant coursework and field immersion opportunities for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. This is meant to highlight a variety of programs by region. Please note there are many other options available beyond what is listed. This is not a guaranteed list for credit transfer. Students must obtain department advisor approval for fulfilling degree requirements. Students must apply to both the provider through the links below, and to WWU Education Abroad

University Catalogue Information: Biology, BA, Chemistry, BA, Manufacturing Engineering, BS

Note that these are not the only degree programs in their respective fields.

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Juliet Barnes

Advisor for Advanced Materials Science & Engineering

Office: ENVS 131

Maren Brinson

Advisor for Biology

Office: BI 315

Mary Hall

Advisor for Computer Science

Office: CF 459

Lisa Ochs

Advisor for Engineering & Design

Office: ET 204

Advising Info

After you decide on a program and the courses you will take abroad, you must complete the Departmental Academic Advising Esign Form with your academic advisor. The form must be completed before your program commences.   

College of Science and Engineering

Review Your Degree Works  

Web4U > Student > Student Records > Degree Works. Follow steps to see what you have completed, and what you still need for your degree plan. At least 50% of the credit hours required for the major/minor must be earned at Western.   

An official transcript from your program must be sent to Education Abroad for processing upon completion of your program.  

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Program Options

Study Abroad Provider

  • Independent organizations that facilitate or administer study abroad programs for students
  • Quarter, semester, academic year, calendar year, and summer
  • Pay a program fee that includes tuition, housing, etc. (varies)
  • More services provided
  • Often includes excursions, onsite pickup, varied housing options
  • Part time internships can be available for credit

Faculty-led Global Learning Program

  • WWU faculty organize and lead academic programs abroad
  • Quarter, summer, and academic breaks
  • Earn WWU credits and learn from WWU faculty abroad while studying with other WWU students
  • Pay tuition and fees at WWU in addition to a program fee for onsite costs

Western Exchange

  • Bilateral agreements between WWU and universities abroad to exchange students
  • Chance of placement is high
  • Semester and year-long options
  • Pay WWU in-state tuition and mandatory fees
  • Room & board paid onsite
  • Take courses with international students at universities abroad
  • Eligibility requirements vary
  • More independent and less services

ISEP Exchange

  • ISEP stands for International Student Exchange Program
  • Students can choose from over 135 universities in 36 different countries
  • Students provide ISEP with a list of preferred sites. Chance of placement varies from site to site.
  • Semester & year-long options only
  • Pay WWU in-state tuition and mandatory fees
  • Room & board paid to WWU
  • Take courses with international students at universities abroad
  • More independent and less services provided

Research, Fellowships & Grants



ISEP Direct - University of Botswana, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter, Academic Year


USAC - University of Ghana, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter


ISEP - Al Akhawayn University, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

South Africa


Hong Kong

ISEP - The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter


South Korea




ISEP - Vietnam National University HCMC, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

Central America


Wildlands Studies - Belize, Summer Quarter

Costa Rica

Puerto Rico; USA

ISEP - University of Puerto Rico, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter




ISEP - University of Tartu, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter



  • CEA - Science & Engineering - French Riviera, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Biological Discovery II, Biostatistics, Survey of Life Science + lab, Oceanography + lab, Chemistry 1 + lab, Information Systems, Intro to Computer Science & Programming, Intro to Relational Databases, Advanced Computer Business Applications, Social & Sustainable Responsibility, Environmental Economics & Policy, Technology Management & Life Cycle, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Business & Economics Calculus, Calculus 3, Physics 1 + lab, Academic Research & Writing
  • ISEP - Université d`Angers, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter
    • English courses in Biology, Engineering, Computer & Information Sciences, Physical Sciences *A2 level of French recommended
  • CEA Engineering in Paris, Spring Semester, Spring Quarter, Fall Quarter

    Semester English courses in:

    • Fluid Mechanics, Dynamics, Electrical Circuits, Statistics, Thermodynamics, Thermodynamics w/Chemical Engineering, Intro to Climate Change, Differential Equations
  • CEA Paris , Spring Quarter

    Summer Engineering Program in English

    • Electrical Circuits, Statistics, Thermodynamics, Calculus III, Differential Equations, Intro to Climate Change
  • ISA - Lille, Summer Quarter



ISA - Athens, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter

English options in:

  • Human Biology: Genetic & Evolutionary Aspects of life, Biology 1, Biology 2, Molecular Biology, Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Integrated Methods of Environmental Analysis, Computer Systems Architecture, Fundamentals of RDBMS, IT Fundamentals, Internet Programming, Intro to Computer Networks, Intro to Programming, Math for Programming, Math for Computing, Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems Concepts, Applied Calculus, Applied Statistics, Algebra, Stats 1, Stats II, Oceanography, Intro to Healthcare Management


ISEP - University of Debrecen, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter



  • SAI Siena, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Computer Network Fundamentals, Intro to Statistics, Cell Biology, Biology of Flora & Fauna, Intro to Italian Prehistory Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Studies: City of Vaccines - The Pharmaceutical Traditions of Siena, Phytotherapy: Intro to Herbal Medicine, Sustainability, Intro to Astronomy, Chemistry in the Kitchen, Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Ethnobotany, Geology, Human Evolution, Ecology & Global Warming, Physics 1 + 2
  • API - LDM, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter
  • ISEP - Università degli Studi di Trieste, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter
  • SAI Rome Engineering, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter

    Semester English courses in:

    • Intro to Computer Science, Web Design, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Intro to Video Game Design, Finite Math, Intermediate Algebra, Pre Calculus, Statistics 1 +2, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Food & Agriculture, Science & Urban Ecology, Applied Data Analytics, Bioethics, Ethics of Emerging Technologies


    Summer Engineering Program in English

    • Programming Concepts & Applications, Calculus, Statistics, Mechanics of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Dynamics
  • ISEP - Universita degli Studi di Pavia, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter


Northern Ireland

ISEP - Ulster University, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter


Western Exchange - Western Norway University of Applied Sciences - Pay In-State Tuition & Fees!, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter
  • English courses in Engineering, Health Sciences - Bergen
  • Control Engineering/Industrial Instrumentation - Fjorde
  • Maritime Education - Haugesund
  • Geohazards and Climate Change, Mountain Studie, Outdoor Education - Sogndal
  • Fjords and Glaciers - Stord


API - Kraków, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter



  • CEA - Alicante Science & Engineering, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    Semester English courses in:

    • Architecture & Design courses, Urban Planning, Cell Biology, Ecology, Research, Molecular Techniques, Plant Biodiversity, Structural Biology, Advanced OChem, Biochemistry 1, Inorganic Solids, Organic Stereochemistry, Analytical Laboratories, Construction Materials II, Mechanics for Engineers, Civil Engineering courses, Computer Engineering courses: Communication Theory, Computer Architecture, Computers, Digital Electronics, Discrete Mathematics, Principles of Data Bases, Programming II, Software System Design, Advanced Software Development, Digital Electronic Systems, Modeling Ecological Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Fundamentals of Engineering Physics II, Telecommunications Regulation and Services, Transmission Media, Video Engineering, Physiology and Kinesiology of Movement, Game Theory, Mathematics II, Time Series, Applied Physics I
  • ISA - Business, Sciences & Liberal Arts - Valencia, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    Course taught in English:

    • Analytic Trigonometry, Algebra, Chem 1 + lab, Research, Science of Nutrition
  • CEA Organic Chemistry Spring quarter, Spring Quarter
    • Program runs Mid May to end of June. 2 courses for 7 sem/10 quarter credits. *not full time status but could work for spring quarter. 
    • 300 level Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry: English 4 sem/6 quarter credits.
  • CEA - Madrid Engineering & Social Sciences, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter
    • Att the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (engineering courses and programs are accredited by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education, EUR-ACE). With almost 100 STEM courses in English available each semester in Aerospace, Bioengineering, Computer Technology, Electrical and Energy Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, you are sure to find the right courses to fit in your degree plan regardless of your year in school.
  • API - Medical and Health in Salamanca, Fall Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Bioethics, Human Genetics, Health Communication, Molecular & Cellular Bases of Disease

    Spanish courses in:

    • Communication & Health, Medical Spanish
  • ISA STEM & Health Sciences + Spanish Language, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Analytic Trigonometry, Biological Science 1, Calculus 1, 2 +3, Chem 1 + lab, Chem 2 + lab, Physics 2 + lab, Material & Energy Balances, Differential Equations, Organic Chemistry 2, Physics 1 + lab, Precalculus Algebra
  • AIFS - Barcelona - Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter
  • ISA Health & Natural Sciences, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter, Academic Year

    English courses in:

    • Dentistry, Anaesthesiology, Anatomical Pathology, General & Dental Pharmacology, Healthcare Ethics & Deontology, Nursing Care of Women, General Biochemistry, Mediation & Family Orientation, Metabolism & Nutrition, Molecular Genetics, Proteomics, Sleep Disorders, Spanish for Health Professions, Technologies Applied to Sport Sciences, Statistics, Human Physiology, Life Support & Emergency Care, Nutrition & Dietetics, Advanced Instrumental Techniques
  • API - Pablo de Olavide University, Seville, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Medical Anthropology, Organic Chemistry 1 + lab, Organic Chemistry 2 + lab, Ecological Systems, Anatomy & Physiology II + lab, Microbiology + lab, Nutrition
  • USAC - Valencia, Spring Semester, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter

    English courses in:

    • Linear Algebra, Calculus III, Differential Equations, Dynamics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Materials Science, Chem 1 + lab, Physics 1 + lab, Physics 2 + lab, Statistics, Chem 2 + lab
  • CEA - Summer Engineering, Summer Quarter

    English Courses in:

    • 200 Intro to Programming, Social Media & Digital Identity


Middle East

United Arab Emirates

ISEP - American University of Sharjah, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

North America





ISEP - University of the South Pacific, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter

New Zealand

South America




ISA - STEM - Barranquilla, Summer Quarter

Semester English options in:

  • Civil Engineering, Statistics, Structural Design, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Renewable Energies, Thermodynamics 1, Systems Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Operating Systems

Semester Spanish options in:

  • Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Geology, Hydraulics, Research, Industrial Engineering, Global Health, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Systems Engineering

Summer English options in:

  • Applied Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Analog Electronics 2 + 3, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Research, Renewable Energies, Solid Mechanics, Algorithms & Complexity, Computational Solution of Engineering Problems


AIFS - Galapagos Ecosystems, Summer Quarter


ISA - Lima, Spring Semester, Fall Quarter


API - Internships, Spring Quarter, Summer Quarter, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter