Students taking WWU Online/Remote Classes from other Countries

WWU students who take Western courses that are delivered online or remotely from a state outside Washington or from another country are not considered formal study abroad students who have to go through the Education Abroad application process. Rather, such students are considered individuals who, as private citizens, have decided to log into and participate in their WWU online/remote classes from wherever they may be living, whether from Washington state, another US state, or outside the US.

We recommend that students from the US who intend to live outside the US consider the following:

-Read the US State Department Travel Advisory for your host country and follow the State Department’s advice:

-Read the US Centers for Disease Control Travel Health Notice for your host country and follow the CDC’s advice:

-Secure international health insurance for your host country prior to departure. While you are not required by Western to secure international health insurance as a student who is not participating in a formal study abroad program, we implore you not to leave the US without it. Check out the EdAbroad page for guidance on what formal study abroad students use for international health insurance on WWU study abroad programs:

-Visit the EdAbroad Travel Resources page for information about living in another country:

-Visit the EdAbroad Health and Safety page for guidance on maximizing your health and safety while living abroad:

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