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Course credits

ENG 333, ENG 335, ENG 337

Total credits: 12


ENG 101

Photo of Ablaye Diakite, the Program Coordinator

Ablaye Diakite

Program Coordinator
Photo of Christopher Wise with a parrot on his right arm

Christopher Wise

Professor, English Department
HU 251

The COVID-19 Compliant Senegal Faculty Led Study Abroad Program will be based at WWU with three weeks in Senegal (and an optional fourth week for travel). Students will study and write about West African literature and other forms of cultural expression. They will also write creatively about their experiences.

Courses are cross listed as follows:

  • ENG 333 cross listed with ENG 408
  • ENG 335 cross listed with ENG 408
  • ENG 337
people sitting on the floor in a circle in Senegal
products in a store in Senegal

Program Highlights

  • Students will meet and interact with griots, scribes, and marabouts
  • Meet and interact with Senegalese people
  • Attend village gatherings
  • Experience West African cuisine  
  • Visit wild animal and bird reserves
  • Visit Goree Island and other historical sites
  • Shop in African markets for textiles and artisan goods
  • Learn about West African Sufism
  • Learn about ajami writing
  • Enjoy time at the beach, including optional surfing lessons and yoga
  • Listen to live West African music

Expectations of Participants

With or without reasonable accommodations, walk for hours at a time in warm weather, climb stairs and stand for prolonged periods. Time sitting and walking will vary a great deal depending on the schedule. Some days will involve much walking, others not much at all. Activities include visits to museums and cultural sites.  

The program cannot guarantee accommodation for students with medication that needs to be refrigerated. Electricity blackouts in Senegal occur from time to time, and there is significant bus travel in hot remote places. All lodgings sites have kitchens with refrigeration, but not in individual rooms.

Students must work with the WWU Disability Access Center, Wilson Library 170, (360) 650-3083, For service eligibility, a complete diagnostic description from a qualified professional is required. Specific accommodations or services are determined on an individual basis and are modified to meet the unique needs of the student and their academic experience. Accommodation policies and procedures are highly individualized and centered on self-advocacy, realistic self-appraisal, and student growth. Each quarter, students need to activate their approved accommodations for each class. Students choose which of their approved accommodations they want to activate for each class.

Participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to departure.

person on surf board in the water in Senegal