Types of Programs

Study Abroad Providers 

There are a variety of programs which provide educational experiences for students with no foreign language skills to live and study in another country. Often these programs focus on the cultural study of that particular country and provide opportunities to learn the language. Some programs offer intensive language studies and may require previous language study. Housing arrangements range from homestays to camping to living in apartments or dormitories with other international or host country students. 


Exchanges are designed with the independent, self-motivated student in mind. They offer a total immersion experience in a designated overseas university. Students generally attend regular undergraduate courses with local students abroad through Western Exchanges or the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) or domestically through the National Student Exchange.

Faculty Led Global Learning Programs

Programs are sponsored by a WWU department and generally consist of a faculty member taking a group of students to study discipline-based courses abroad.

Practical Learning Abroad

Gain practical experience through internship, independent study, and non-credit international experience.


Many programs offer virtual opportunities for students to gain international perspective, continue education, and gain career experience.